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Image Innovators

Do you love making people look and feel amazing?

Join our community of image consultants and receive accredited, internationally recognised training, resources, and mentorship to transform your career and help others look and feel their best.

About Image Innovators

Initially known as The Australian Image Company, Image Innovators has become a market leader for innovative and up-to-date image consultant resources and training.

Today, Image Innovators is one of the largest image resource and training companies in the southern hemisphere and the world. In 2008 International Master Licenses were created and have been taken up for South Africa and then Mexico.

Today almost all products are available in English and Spanish, and we have distribution centers in Australia, the USA, South Africa and Mexico.

Here’s 8 Good Reasons Why You Should Choose Image Innovators

Globally Recognised Training

Providing excellence in education and professional development to learners around the world.

Study and Work From Anywhere

Experience the freedom of learning and working from anywhere with our flexible online programs.

Learn At Your Own Pace

Empower yourself with the ability to learn on your own terms, with our self-paced courses.

Innovative, ProfessionalTools

Advance your career and increase your productivity with our cutting edge professional tools.

Build Global Connections

Gain international recognition and establish yourself as a leader in the image consultancy field.

Loads Of Quality Resources

We offer a library of carefully selected and curated resources to provide you valuable insights and tools.

A Community Of Colleagues

Join a community of supportive colleagues to help you advance your knowledge and skills.

Passionate Support & Mentoring

Get personalized support from our team of experts as you progress through your learning journey.

Our Mission and Values

To help as many people as possible to live their dream careers as image consultants by providing the best tools, training and support to image consultants.

We believe in the value of human connection and support and strive to foster a culture of integrity, accountability, honesty, adaptability, loyalty, empathy, flexibility, and positivity within our community.

Our goal is to help our clients achieve their full potential as image consultants and make a positive impact in the world through our service to their work.

Our Team of Partners

We Empower Individuals To Become Successful Step Toward Image Consultants

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