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Great Products, Ongoing Education and Support are our Cornerstones

It can be a lonely and sometimes scary career path as a sole operator.
We know that because we’ve been there and not only survived, we have thrived.
We have the tools, education, products, and support to help you build your desired business.

Joining Image Innovators will give you the support ideal for you and where your business is at.
Choose from our four levels of membership. Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Licence to use products Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personalised URL for My Private Stylist Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personalised URL for Men of Style Yes Yes Yes Yes
Private Admin Panel Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to wholesale Image Products Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to Virtual Colour Swatches Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free product licence keys with your monthly Membership No 1 every 3 months 3 4
Cost of additional product licence keys $55 $45 $35 $35
Limit of unused licence keys held in the system N/A 15 100 No Limit
Webinars $19 Yes Yes Yes
Color Calculator No Yes Yes Yes
Social media No No Yes Yes
Included in Consultant Directory No No Yes Yes
Discounted training No No Yes Yes
Annual upgraded membership No No $175 Yes
 – Photo on MPS No No With  Upgrade Yes
 – Photo on MOS No No With  Upgrade Yes
 – Private label swatch covers No No With  Upgrade Yes
 – Photo Assessments No No With  Upgrade Yes
 – Access to the client subscriber list No No With  Upgrade Yes
 – Email notification of quiz takers and results No No With  Upgrade Yes
Monthly SUBSCRIPTION Free $9 $50 $59
Annual benefits $598 $1678 $2273

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re exclusive: we don’t sell products to just anyone. Only to image consultants or stylists who have been formally trained. Who you trained with will be asked on the application form.

Our products include

  • My Private Stylist (MPS)
    • MPS Style Guide
  • Men of Style (MOS)
    • MOS Style Guide
  • Colour Swatches
    • Premium
    • Digital
    • Ombre
  • PowerPoints
  • Social Media posts
  • E-Books
  • Hard Copy Books

You’ll be assigned a password protected private admin site where, depending upon your membership level you can

  • Create Client Style program
  • Create Client Digital color swatches
  • View all client details, and programs.
  • Order products.
  • Access training
  • Watch webinars
  • Access over 2000 Social media posts
  • Download e-books and resources
  • Track online sales
  • Track commissions owing and paid out

After many years we have created an innovative Digital swatch. Designed for Apple and Android devices, the swatch has over 150 colours, allowing your client to see the colours against their own image and see how their preferred colours combine with other colours in their swatch. Add to that information about every colour personalised information on the ideal jewellery, metals, gems, prints and patterns for the client. Including makeup and contrast levels.

You’ll be able to attract a passive income when you promote My Private Stylist and/or Men of Style sites to your online customers and followers. Add the link to your website, promote it on your social media and/or. Whichever way you decide, you’ll get a minimum of a 40% return. You can set the price as high as you wish to increase your return.

Purchase color swatches, drapes, and determination boards. As well as My Private Stylist, Men of Style and Your Color ID license keys, style guides, and presentation tools, all at wholesale prices.

You’ll be able to create in-house training programs for clients with our image manuals and presentations for corporate and seminar sales.

Product licence keys are required to activate a Style program or Digital Colour Swatch for your clients. All membership level give you full access to create these programs.

The fee for licence keys is

  • Platinum – $35
  • Gold – $35
  • Silver – $45
  • Bronze – $55

Getting found is half the battle in business and as a Platinum or Gold member, you’ll be listed in our International Directory. Consultants are always telling us that they get clients as a result of this additional marketing.

Creating engaging social media takes heaps of time and is tech-savvy. With your Platinum and Gold membership, we provide you with a year’s worth of posts ready to use on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or anything else you use. Most posts are blank, so you can add your own logo and complete it with recommended marketing text and hashtags.

A collection of promotional social media posts is available for all members to use.

Designed to help you quickly analyse the colour properties of your client’s colouring. This calculator determines the temperature, value and intensity of any colour. Great for determining skin tones, eye colour and hair colours. This tool is available to all Platinum, Gold and Silver members.

Twice a month, from February to November, we run webinars on Business Building, Image, Fashion or Tech Skills, all designed to help you grow a successful, sustainable, and enjoyable business.

Webinars are free to attend for Platinum, Gold and Silver members.

Bronze members can attend the live webinars or watch them on demand for only $19 ea.

Any webinars for selling or promoting Image Innovators products are free to you.

From time to time, as professionals, we all need someone to lean on, someone with experience to bounce our ideas off, and even seek advice from an empathetic ear when things aren’t going as expected. As a member, you have 30 mins a month* with either your Consultant Manager, The CEO or your Master License Holder; all you need do is make an appointment, and we’re yours. An hour with any of our managers or directors for their regular clients starts at $200.

*Additional time can be purchased.

Once a member you’ll be invited to join our closed Facebook group where every day we add new and exciting posts such as features to help you grow your business, cool finds, quizzes to test your skills or knowledge, webinars, videos and more. It’s also the perfect place for you to ask questions and get help from our members.

Based upon your membership level, you will accrue free licence keys every month.

  • Platinum 4 licence keys (value $140)
  • Gold 3 licence keys (value $105)
  • Silver Licence keys – one every 3 months (Value $15)
  • Bronze – Licenced to purchase licence keys

 Better still, the programs can accumulate.

  • Platinum, no limit
  • Gold limit of 100
  • Silver limit of 15

This is useful if you plan to run group workshops throughout the year. Build up your base of licence keys to use them with group consultation or corporate workshops.

NOTE: Licence keys are connected to your membership. Changing your membership level can affect the number of unused licences you can hold.

Every aspiring presenter needs high-quality, up-to-date, professional visuals, but finding the time to create them can be a pain, not to mention the research and image search. So, we do the hard work for you!

As a Platinum or Gold member, you’ll have access to the women’s Dare Yourself to Shine 45 min program. Coming in 2023 will be additional PowerPoints, one 20 min Color Savvy program and one 90 min all-around corporate program titled The Polished Professional, covering all aspects of a professional image from dress to behaviour.

Platinum and Gold members can get up to 50% discount off our online training courses.

Upgraded member is included with the Platinum membership and available for an additional $175 annually for our Gold members. An Upgraded membership gives you the following

  • Your photo on the front of your MPS and MOS sites.
  • Your photo beneath every image of an individual garment in the Style programs
  • Upload your own marketing banners
  • Add your own products to the store
  • Coming Soon – The ability to complete your own clients’ requests for Photo Assessments
  • Direct access to your quiz subscribers
  • A copy of the email your clients receive when completing a personality quiz
  • Private labelling of your premium swatches

With an Upgraded membership, you can place your photo and your details on the home page of your My Private Stylist program, as well as include your own advertising banners within the program and your photo with each individual garment.

With an Upgraded membership, you can place your photo and your details on the home page of your Men of Style program, as well as include your own advertising banners within the program and your photo with each individual garment.

With an Upgraded membership, you can have your own swatch cover professionally designed using our template and instructions, and we will print and send them to you. NB A fee occurs for each print run set up.

There’s nothing like a quiz to gather a database of potential clients to promote to and we have two fabulous ones to get you going: What’s Your Style Personality and What Sort of Shopper are You? Each one promotes My Private Stylist and will link back to your version. The names are also stored in a database for you to use.

Coming Soon, with an Upgraded membership, you will receive the paid Photo Assessment requests from your clients and be invited to assist in requests sent to HQ

With the quizzes attached to My Private Stylist and Men of Style, a subscriber list builds. With an Upgraded membership, you can access that list.

With an Upgraded membership, you will receive a copy of the personality results email your clients receive. More quizzes will be included soon, and you will also receive the results of all future quizzes your clients complete.

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. There are no lockin contracts.

Compare the benefits that you can receive with each membership level. Figures are displayed monthly/annually

  • Platinum $189.42 /$2273
  • Gold $139.83 / $1678
  • Silver $49.83 /$598
  • Bronze, access to wholesale products, tools and resources.
  • Platinum $59
  • Gold $50
  • Silver $9
  • Bronze – This is a free Membership Option. You must, however, be a trained Image Consultant to qualify.

Subscriptions are collected monthly through PayPal or Stripe. Should you live in a region which does not allow international subscriptions we can make alternative annual payment arrangements for you.