Personal Color

Digital Color Swatch

The Digital Color Swatch is here.

Image Innovators consultants can electronically send a color swatch to any client, anywhere in the world. Loaded onto an app within the Android and ios platforms this is more than a digital color app, it is a fully functioning swatch.

The Digital swatch is currently available in 4 languages. British and American English, Spanish and Afrikaans.

It allows you to select from 18 colour groups. Our standard 12 and 6 subgroups of 6 of our main swatch profiles.

Each swatch is created by a consultant for their client. It cannot be created by the public.

Within each swatch there are
  • 160 colours
  • The ability to look at over 25,000 combinations
  • Personalised information regarding
    • Your client’s colouring
    • Their personal contrast levels
    • Their best colours, fabrics, prints and gems
    • How they should wear black
    • What to expect with change
    • Their colour personality
  • Their personal palette
    • The ability to compare all colours
    • The ability to coordinate all colours
  • Personalised makeup Recommendations
  • General information regarding
    • Temperature
    • Working with colour
    • Impact contrast
    • Wearing Contrast
    • The use of colour in Business
    • and how to bend the rules of colour
  • Universal Colours
Want to know More

If you’d like to know more about our digital swatch, how you can use them with your clients, or how you can get one for yourself, contact us here at info@

If you would like to learn how to become a qualified personal color consultant have a look at our online and classroom training programs. No longer can you only consult in colour with clients who you can drive to, now you can confidently consult with anyone, anywhere in the world? You just need a computer and the internet, and your client can see everything on their phone or tablet.