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Melbourne born Clare Maxfield AICI CIP is an inspiring and entertaining image consultant and speaker who has dedicated her life to the all importance of image and achieving personal goals. As the Consultant manager and head trainer at Image Innovators, Clare is constantly looking to the trends and styles that clients and consultants will be working with on a global level.

Clare is one of the few Australian Image Consultants to have reached the designation of CIP (Certified Image Professional) within her industry. She is a past AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) International board member, a returning president of the Melbourne Australia chapter and is one of the foundation members of the reformation of the Melbourne chapter in 2003. Clare is the first Australian to be honoured with the Jane Segerstrom Award through AICI in 2008.

Clare is the author of 6 books that are sold and translated into many countries around the world.

Clare has joined Image Innovators to bring her wealth of knowledge to aspiring image consultants and to encourage and support them on their journey through training, mentoring and ongoing support. She purchased the business back in 2022.

Clare spent 3 years running a corporate dressing program for men with over 600 men on her books and developed a successful Personal Branding and Presentation Academy for young graduates.

Her primary goal is to make looking great simple and attainable for everyone. Clare believes that looking your best and presenting yourself professionally is not just for those at the top but also for everyone who wants to succeed.

“If you think you just look good. She will show you how to look great.”

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