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CIC - AICI First Level Certification

Akiko Sarah Takata-Magno or just simply “ako” started her career as a Professional International Image Consultant after she received a certification from the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). She was born and brought up in Tokyo, Japan. After graduating from the university, she worked for a French cosmetic company. While working there, she noticed the importance of color when considering makeup designs for clients. Because of this fascination, she started studying about colors and soon mastered it. Finally she started working as a part-time personal color analyst.

And in 2008, she set up “Mu:Design” as her own Image Consulting Studio. She uses a lot of methods and fused them to create her own unique original technique. She has been certified as a Fashion Stylist by Fashion Image Institute, as a Taste Scale Method® Instructor and as a Personal Color Analyst by the Personal Color Laboratory Studio How Co., Ltd.. She also has the first level Color Analyst license from the All Japan Fashion Teachers. She has been certified as a Manner Protocol Manager by the Japan Manners and Protocol Association. She has taught manners and protocol at universities and academies as an instructor. She continually studies to get more knowledge in the field to provide the best quality in service to her clients and students. Recently, she just received her license as a Certified Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator. A unique and enthralling approach in the Image Consulting industry which makes use of the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui into the world of fashion and beauty.

Akiko Sarah Takata-Magno brings out her clients’ unique beauty. Her goal is to help her clients feel more confident, to show them the ability to impress and express themselves positively, and to discover their authentic selves as well. She specializes in Image Consulting for women. Currently, she owns her Image Consultant Training school to train individuals who would like to be Image Consultants. Happy, amazed, and satisfied students and clients come from different parts of the world in which most of whom are Asians. She is married to a Filipino so she occasionally visits the Philippines.

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