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I’m Jayne, a trained Colour, Style & Image Consultant.

My journey began when I turned 40. I had lost my way as my body changed, and after 9 years of maternity leave I had re-entered the workforce. The clothes in my wardrobe didn’t fit the same, look the same, and didn’t work with my changed life circumstances.

The concept of choosing clothes based upon my body shape dimensions was foreign. However, I put on my big girl boots, invested time and money in myself and trained with The Australian Image Company (2004).

Knowing what suits you and why filled my heart with a newly found confidence. Armed with this information, I was able to secure a better paying job and a new and improved husband (that’s a story for another day !)

Now, as a woman navigating midlife and menopause, a breast cancer survivor, a mother, stepmother and grandma to 5 divine little humans – I know what it is like to fight the frump!

I want to be over 59 and FABULOUS why? I’ve discovered that when I wear clothes that I love, that suit ME and my personality, harmonise with my colouring and body shape – I feel simply AWESOME and have the confidence to take on the world. This is the information that makes my heart happy to share with other women.

If you want a total makeover, diet, exercise and plastic surgery – I am NOT your stylist!

I believe that every woman has her own unique beauty, every shape of a women is beautiful and my job is to remind you how awesome you truly are. To give you the tools and confidence to know what to wear and why, save you time and money and ensure your wardrobe is a source of inspiration and happiness.



Bachelor in Business
Certificate Training & Assessment
Certified Colour, Style & Image Consultant


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