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Hi, I’m Jane Liddelow of Style Makeover HQ and your personal image guide!

I am an Image Innovators certified professional Image Consultant (see below) and a member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).

It is my privilege and passion to help women, just like you, find their best look and improve their confidence.

The outer image we portray has such a powerful effect on our lives. It can either help us achieve our goals and dreams or it can sabotage our efforts.

It really is so important to periodically assess our outer image. We need to ensure that the image we portray is still in step with our inner image and is appropriate for our lifestyle and how we want to be seen.

How I Became An Image Consultant

Having been through quite a few lifestyle changes over the years I’ve had the need to re-assess my own image many times. My lifestyle changes have included a number of major relocations (England to Australia to England, London then Cambridge, to the USA, Seattle then San Francisco, to Australia, Perth to Sydney) and several career changes (including: Wedding and Event Planner, IT Business Analyst and now, Image Consultant).

I’m now finally settled in beautiful Avalon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and I’m passionate about my work as an Image Consultant.

I wouldn’t call myself a born style guru. For me it was something I’ve learned. And because of this I’m well placed to teach others how to look their very best.

Before I became interested in learning about image I mostly got it right, but not always. When I did I received compliments. Sometimes I wore the right colour for me, sometimes the right style and sometimes both. That’s when the compliments really flowed! And I’d wear the outfit to death. However, I still didn’t know exactly what it was that I’d got right. Just that the outfit made me feel good and that I received compliments on how I looked.

Then, 20 years or so ago, just after I’d finished university, I stumbled onto colour analysis. I think it was through Amway’s “Color Me Beautiful”. It made me realise that typically I was wearing the wrong colors. I had a group colour analysis from an Amway consultant. Then I decided I needed more help. So I researched Image Consultants and made an appointment to have both my colours and my styles assessed by a professional.

It completely changed the colours I wear. I went from wearing black and white and pastel colors (so wrong on me) to wearing autumn colors such as olive green and burnt orange. And I’ve never looked back — there’s no black or white in my wardrobe (though since my training I now know how I could wear these colours if I really wanted to)!

My styles were less of a surprise. At that time I was making all my own clothes, due to being a poor student. And I generally knew what suited me. It was only when I ventured away from the styles I knew that I made the occasional mistake. When I saw a picture in a magazine of a model wearing an outfit I liked, in a style I didn’t normally wear, that’s when I could get it very wrong!

The beauty of knowing which styles suit you is that when you want to try a new look that’s in fashion it takes the guess work out of whether the style will look good on you.

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