Classic Male
Classic Male

General description

This man is of medium height. He has well balanced features and is more conservative in nature. Classics are often cautious in nature and seen as very refined. Their clothing is impeccably maintained and will not date quickly. This man will have breeding and style about him.

Challenges – casual Friday, dressing down,

Perceived Personality style – Negotiator, Perfectionist, Controlled, Expects everything to be handled properly

Hair – Hair is always well cut, nothing extreme and elegantly styled. It is always neat and short. This is nothing extreme about this look and this man can look the same from his 20’s to his 70’s

Classic clothing – 

At Work – You will be most comfortable in a navy or charcoal suit, possibly a pinstripe and occasionally a double breasted. Your shirts will be white or blue and your ties will be old school ties, diagonal stripes, aligned with any organisation you belong to and quiet in their pattern and design.

At Play – On the weekends you may select casual trousers or jeans which you will team a classic shirt and a blazer for warmth. You are not one to throw on a track suit for comfort. You will always have solid shoes on your feet.

Classic Colours –Colours that have a medium density are the foundation of the classic wardrobe.

Business – navy, cream, taupe, greys and pewter

Social – soft elegant colours, nothing garish

Fabrics –Plain fabrics, classic prints like hounds tooth, standard stripes, Burberry and Prince of Wales check. Traditional fabrics like, silks, cottons, wools and linens in a medium weight.

Classic fit –The ‘classic fit’ has nothing too tight or too loose. Jackets will be tapered to fit. Trousers will be tailored to ensure they are the correct length and are not too loose.

Footwear –Classic shoes are elegant and understated. Plain leather or suede lace-ups and deck shoes for summer outings.

Accessories – You are likely to simply wear a wedding band, plain watch and possibly plain cufflinks. Your cufflinks will either be heirlooms or plain gold or silver..

Watches –Your watch will have a plain face with either roman numerals or plain numbers. Your band will be either gold, silver or fine black leather.

Business Accessories –Leather will be important whether it is a simple briefcase or wallet. Elegantly styled and not too chunky. Your pen will be fine and in gold or silver

Variation of Classic

Variations of the Classic Male
Variations of the Classic Male

Creative Classic: This man will appear to be classically attired but on closer inspection he will have none-classical buttons and unexpected ornamentation to his outfit. It will not be overtly obvious.

Elegant Classic: This man will select suits in distinctly softer elegant colours

Gallant Classic: This man will select suits in distinctly Gallant colours

Dramatic Classic: This man will wear stronger colours but still have an classical appearance.

Natural Classic: This man will select earth tones outfits that are still well cut and classically styled.

Rebellious Classic: This man will hide his rebellion at work and display it on the weekend. A subversive pen, button or cufflink will fill your rebellious side

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