Growing old is simply the passing of time. It is a collection of summers which you can count and remember but it is not the defining factor of our lives.

To stay young is as much a state of mind as it is a state of dress. After working with clients for over a decade now on how they can improve their appearance, to look young, slimmer and more alive I want to share with you some of my top tips to keeping everyone guessing exactly when you were born.

Now when you are younger you always want that appearance of looking older. Girls do it with how they style their hair and apply their make-up. Young men may start growing beards to give the illusion of being older than they are. Let’s go to the other end of the spectrum where all we are concerned about is appearing younger to those around us and for men it can be as simple as shaving off that beard they grew 30 years earlier, and for women, it may be as simple as wearing less make-up.

Lets really look at the simplest steps you can take with the biggest results.

  1. Your face was your fortune it is now your barometer. It is time to have a good look at yourself and I mean a good look. If your eyes are not as good as they were get yourself a great magnified mirror. Search and remove any stray hairs that are growing in places they never grew before. Like your nose, your ears, your chin and are becoming veritable verandahs over your eyes.
  2. What is happening with your hair? For some people the idea of growing old gracefully means allowing the colour to naturally drain from your hair. Grey hair can be very alluring, as long as you have an incredible youthful haircut. Grey hair that is sticking up and out from your head is a sign that you have given up. Try to think of it a natural bling and work it into a fashionable style. If the idea of allowing the grey to take over is abhorrent to you get it professionally coloured. Stay away from the natural dark shades you had as a young person. Your skin is no longer as vibrant so allow yourself to drop down a few shades. It is easier to wear and to be honest the regrowth is no where near as troublesome to maintain when your hair is not so dark. You might even want to consider shades of blonde if you were originally a brunette.
  3. Update your make-up. The number of women who continue to apply their make-up in the same manner and the same colours that they did in their 20’s is frightening. I mean I can understand why. It look amazing on you then. So why shouldn’t it keep working? The fact of the matter is your skin and eyes are no longer the same. As you age it is time to tone down your make-up. In many instances less is more especially when it comes to going out in the daylight. You may think that you want to hide your age spots. It is no different to a teenager hiding their pimples. Once your makeup become s a mask we lose who you are. Allow your skin to breathe. As you get older you want to balance out your skin tone more so than creating a shield. Rather than going to a make-up counter, look to a beautician or make-up artist who can help you learn how to apply a light natural make-up that will allow you to shine through.
  4. Your wardrobe may still fit you from when you were younger but I can assure you it does not keep you looking younger. More like looking dated. Any clothing you still have that you had from your 20‘s needs to be gifted to a 20 year old. They can wear anything old or new. Your wardrobe must look current and contemporary. That way you too will look current and contemporary. Some of the things that age quickly are buttons, hemlines and fit. Buttons are easy to remove and update. Check where the hem on your skirts and trousers are. If they are too long or too short have them altered immediately and the same goes for your fit. If it is too tight or too loose nip it in or out so that it will skim your body and make you look fresh and fit.
  5. Finally, don’t scoff, it is true that people who have fun, enjoy life, laugh at jokes and dance at parties stay young.

“You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.”

― George Bernard Shaw

Clare Maxfield AICI CIP is an inspiring and entertaining image consultant and speaker who has dedicated her life to the all importance of image and achieving personal goals.

Her primary goal is to make looking great simple and attainable for everyone. Clare believes that looking your best and presenting yourself professionally is not just for those at the top but also for everyone who wants to succeed.

“If you think you just look good. She will show you how to look great.”

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