Advanced Multi-Racial Color Analysis Training

Everything you need to know to become a color consultant

This advanced color program will teach you all that you need to know to become a professional color consultant.

This 5-day Personal Color Consultant will set you up to work in many fields where color consulting is an asset.

The skills you will learn in this course will benefit you if you wish to become a colour and style consultant, work as a fashion stylist, expand your knowledge as a make-up artist or hairdresser. Work in styling, costume departments, uniforms or any industry where it is important to help people look their best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals who have an interest in style and image. This includes those who wish to work as an image consultant or fashion stylist, fashion sales assistants, make-up artists, hairdressers, fashion or style bloggers and those with a passion for fashion.

You will have the knowledge and access to tools to perform color consultations for men and women, make-overs, personal shopping and facilitate color seminars and workshops.

Absolutely. This course is accredited for 4.5 CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) through the Association of Image Consultants International. It covers all the core competencies you’ll need to become a confident and confident image professional who deals with men and women from all walks of like

  • To earn AICI CEU’s you must attend and complete all of the lessons within this course and successfully complete all assignments. It is a requirement that you are actively engaged in both your learning and any communication with your trainer. You do not need to be a member of AICI to submit your AICI CEU form at the end of the training. But should you wish to join AICI at a later date, this form and the training you have attended will provide AICI with proof of your attendance and qualifications. To receive the AICI CEU’s it is essential that you complete the PTE (Participant Training Evaluation) form and give it to your trainer at the end of your course. Forms can not be submitted once the course is finished. Once submitted AICI will keep a record of your attendance at this program.

Over 34 lessons this course covers all the basics to commence a career as a competent colour consulting image professional. Each lesson is accompanied by a video, a quiz and lesson notes.

Major Topics include:

  • History of Colour Analysis
  • Basic Colour Theory
  • Basics of Temperature,
  • Intensity, and Value
  • Personal Base Colour Direction Analysis
  • Secondary Colour Direction Analysis
  • Non-Caucasian Analysis
  • Differences Between Male and Female Analysis
  • 2 Afternoons of Hands-on Colour Analysis Using
  • Volunteer Models Colour Personality
  • Colour Confidence: Bending the Rules, Colour, and Style, Coordination Strategies
  • The Role of Colour in the Business World
  • Psychology of Colour
  • Makeover Possibilities
  • Seminars and Consultations
  • Role Play of Full Consultation
  • Post-Course Assignments

It is up to you how you study. Both online and in the classroom work from the same manual.

Studying in the classroom takes 5 days

Studying online can take up to 6 months


  • Full set of color determination cardscolor consultant training tools, direction boards, face cards colour analysis student tools
  • Color continuum set
  • Client color selection set
  • Set of mini determination boards
  • Mini color value, intensity and temperature cards
  • Opportunity to purchase draping tools at a discounted wholesale price

But that’s not all,

We also include several unique course bonuses.


  • 12-month weekly, post-course education and support Value $520
  • 6-month Professional membership to Image Innovators with access to
    • Resources
    • Wholesale products
    • Consultant community
    • Free webinars and our webinar library
    • Social media posts to use. Value $300

*The Bonus begins once you have completed your training. Should you be studying Advanced Multi-Racial Color Analysis and Style and Image Management at the same time Your will earn 12 months of bonus membership.

We provide you with everything that you will need to commence your own Image Business with the exception of your color draping tools. Many students have already been trained by other Image Companies and have their own tools. so, to make it easier, we have not included the color tools in this training price.

There are 4 kits to choose from.

Kits required for Online Study

The kits range in price from $469.80 – $1032.00

However, additional items you may like to order individually include:

  • Hard Copy of Training Notes: 295 pages beautifully housed in two, three-ring binders, personalized with your name and on high-quality paper.
  • Set of specially dyed drapes in their own red zippered bag
  • Full set of Ombre or premium swatches, or both
  • Determination Boards
  • Face Boards

All students receive all tools at below wholesale whilst they are still registered as a student for any additional items that they wish to purchase

You must complete the 10 in course assignments as well as 10 post course live client color assessments. These are required because we know that working with a live client is tougher than just studying the material. By completing the assignments and getting our live and comprehensive feedback we know you’ll start your career as confident and competent as we know you’ll need to be.

Many companies do not require students to submit post-course assessments and this too often results in students feeling unsure of their skills when facing a real client. After completing your assignments you’ll that you know that what you are doing is perfect. We do this because WE CARE.

To receive accreditation through AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) we expect you to finish the course within 6 months. Exceptions can be made in extenuating circumstances.

Whilst you remain as a professional consultant with Image Innovators your access will remain open to the course material.

  1.  This is an international certified course and earns 4.2 AICI CEU’s from The Association of Image Consultants International
  2. The course is written and facilitated by image trainers with over 48 years of image experience and over 15 years of training expertise.
  3. Every lesson enhanced by video and quizzes
  4. Personal supporting trainer
  5. Live video feedback on assignments
  6. You will receive 6 months of ongoing support.
  7. Access to our private Image Innovators Consultants Facebook group.

Our consultants are all over the world and we even have the program available in Spanish. The beauty of our program is that you do not need to travel with heavy tools to consult anywhere in the world.

You do need your draping tools and swatches but you might choose to work with the determination boards if you are planning to travel as they are lighter and take up much less space. You can also email your client their color notes after the consultation.

Fill this up.

Yes, we have more than just a sample lesson here for you. WE will give you access to look inside every one of our lessons to get a feel of what we have to offer and how the course material is laid out. Free Access Link