Online Style & Image Consultant Course

No longer do you need to spend 6 days in the classroom, learning all of the elements that make up the skills that a stylist, personal shopper and Image Consultant need to have.

Image Consultant Online Training Course

This online image consultant course will give you everything, and we mean everything, that you will need to commence and run a successful business in image.

This course is ideal for the person who wants to run their own Stylist/Personal shopper/Image consultant business. Or for the person who wants to use these skills to build on their own career as a Coach, Beauty or Human Resources professional or retailer of fashion.

Investment $1495 saving you $1035 when you bundle all of the individual modules together. You also receive in excess of $1000 in tools and extras by the time you graduate.

Included with your graduation gift are 18 licence keys which alone will ensure that you earn the cost of your training back within 6 months.


This Image Consultant course will teach you all you need to know to become a confident, competent and professional style and fashion consultant.

This Course Is:

  • Internationally recognized
  • Earn 4.2 AICI CEU’s from The Association of Image Consultants International
  • Written by image trainers with over 48 years of experience as Image Consultants
  • Facilitated by trainers with over 20 years of combined training experience
  • Every lesson enhanced by video
  • Personal supporting trainer
  • Live video feedback on your image consultant training assignments

Course Includes:

  • 64 lessons
  • With .pdfs, videos and quizzes
  • Trainer support
  • 10 client style programs (male and female)
  • Optional style resources with discounted course rate
  • A personal supporting trainer who will provide live video feedbackimage consultant course training tools, face cards, rulers, measuring chart
  1. TOOLS expanding ruler, tape measure, long ruler, spirit level, short ruler, length of elastic, metal necklace and face shape cards Value $60


  • 12-month weekly, post-course education and support Value $520
  • 6-month Professional membership to Image Innovators with access to Image consultant resources, products, consultant community and ongoing education. Value $300


What is image

  • History
  • Female fashion in history
  • The female figure through history

The Female Form

  • Horizontal body types
  • Vertical body types
  • Other figure considerations
  • Face Shape

Style Evaluation

  • Measuring and assessing females
  • How to create a client’s style program
  • How to Personalize a client’s style program

Line and Design

  • Vertical design elements
  • Horizontal design elements
  • Diagonal design elements
  • Circular design elements
  • Fabric and texture
  • Color in design
  • Prints and patterns
  • Principles of design

Garment Insights

  • Classics and clusters
  • Jackets
  • Pants
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Shirts, tops and blouses

Female Accessories

  • Accessories introduction
  • Earrings and necklaces
  • Heels and hosiery
  • Bags and scarves
  • Hats
  • Eyewear

Female Personal Style Expression

  • Classic
  • Creative
  • Dramatic
  • Elegant
  • Feminine
  • Natural
  • Sexy

Consultation Process

  • One on one consultations
  • Group consultations

The Male Form and Garment Insights

  • Body shapes and assessment
  • Suits
  • Jackets
  • Dress shirts
  • Male shirt pattern and coordination
  • Trousers
  • Accessories
  • Coordination

Male Personal Style Expression

  • Classic
  • Creative
  • Dramatic
  • Elegant
  • Natural
  • Rebellious
  • Romantic
  • Sexy

Professional Image

  • Professional style
  • Grooming for the Professional
  • Etiquette
  • Body language
  • Dress codes

Client Services

  • Wardrobe audits and revamps
  • Personal shopping
  • Presentations and workshops

Post Course Assignments

  • Final assignments

This Image Consultant course will set you up to begin your own career immediately after training. You will have the tools and the support on hand to start a succesful business immediatley.

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